Friday, February 12, 2016

Meet Report - Vanderbilt Music City day 1

I forgot how to run a 200m.

I did what I always used to do and went out too fast.   I knew at the end when I was tying up that I blew it.  I can't run a 200m like a 100m.   If I had just relaxed and not attacked that turn so hard, I could have gone sub 25.   But, I failed to execute.


Well, still a World Leading time in M55.  Faster than my season PR that I ran at 2012 Nationals in Indiana (25.43), faster than I ran at 2014 Nationals in Boston (25.49), so still OK, but not what I had hoped considering my 24.80 here last year - after a 55.11 400m and a 60m.

I just think that fighting this cold for over a week, being slightly heavy (144.5), bad weather that has affected my training schedule, and the interruption of the training cycle for competition has affected me... and I've lost a little edge.  Not as lean and mean as I was 2 weeks ago.

The Race
Out in lane 6, I got a good start, best in my heat.   One fast guy in lane 5 quickly made up the stagger but pulled up lame on the turn.  The others included - one slow pentathlete in lane 2 who I never saw, and a guy I should have beat in lane 3 edged me out at the finish by a tenth.   I finished 2nd in my heat - one DNF, one lagging behind, and a scratch -  I was looking forward to seeing Duane, a fellow masters my age race with me, but he got injured in warmups, not at all uncommon among masters.  With the fast guy in lane 5 pulling up, I should have won that heat if I had brought my A-game.

Not particularly optimistic about tomorrow's 400m, but I'll just have fun and do what I can.  At least I have no strains or injuries (except for my perpetually sore foot).

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