Monday, February 29, 2016

event runs - split 400s

Decent final hard workout before Nationals.  Beautiful day in Sewanee, sunny 64º light breeze.  I dragged out the blocks for some event runs/split 400s from the 400m start.   Split 400s are out of the Clyde Hart book: run 300m at race pace, rest one min., run 100m.
Saucony trainers on 
300m warmup, stretches, drills 
2 x 50m striders 
Puma spikes on 
300m +100m w/ 1 min rest  - from blocks - 40.25, 14.5 
300m +100m w/ 1 min rest -  from blocks - 40.5, 14.5 
200m - 26
I hit all my 100 splits within a meter - 13/13/14.  The second one seemed easier than the first and I again experienced that 'delayed fatigue' phenomenon that I see when I'm in shape... the fatigue and heavy breathing sets in about 10-15 seconds after I stop at the end of a 300m.  I sometimes think it would hurt less or the same to carry right on to 400m.   

Anyway, I think I'm ready.  My cold seems to be with me, but subsiding... of course I've been saying that for a long time now it seems.  Weight is good and I'm as fit as I can get right now.  

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