Monday, December 21, 2015

variety workout

A warm and wet weather pattern has begun for Xmas week in the south.  Mid 50s and rainy, I found a break in the rain to get to the track before sunset and run a brisk 800m before taking it inside for some weights and short stuff from blocks.
Saucony trainers on 
400m warmup, stretches, drills 
800m - 2:37 (75, 82) 
Saucony spikes on 
6 x 40-50m from blocks 
weights - 3 x 20 w/ 215 lbs hip flexor machine, 1 x 15 squat jumps with 90 lbs, 20 pull ups
Felt pretty good, glad my toe pain went away.   I went on a turkey binge and my weight went up to 146.  Not because of fat gain, but because of retained waste and large meals.  Meat moves through my system slowly, turkey more slowly than fish.  

Will probably be back on the track by Xmas eve in NY.

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