Thursday, December 31, 2015

Speed and strength

Today was a dark cold day on the track in Sewanee.  37º and a breeze.  Was a bit sore from a good weight workout the night before, but I felt I needed a low volume high intensity day.  I put the spikes on and ran at 95% in my last workout of the year.
400m warmup, stretches, drills 
Saucony Showdown spikes on 
400m - 57.75 (27.25, 30.5)
300m - 42.5 
200m - 26.5 
Resistance work in the weight room: 1 set hip flexors, 1 set glutes
I was not thrilled by my times, I was hoping to hit 57 in the 400m, 41 in the 300m, but the 200m felt ok.   I guess it was ok considering the conditions, the slight headwind on the back stretch and that I was not using blocks.  I took plenty of rest in between these efforts, even getting into the car to warm up after running in the near freezing weather with a sleeveless T and shorts. Based on today, I think I'd be hard pressed to break 57 on a 200m flat track on 1/10.  I need more of everything ... long sprint foundation and over distance, and more explosive stuff out of blocks, and work on my form.   I also need to lose weight.   I was probably 146.5 on the track today.  145.4 lbs after workout and soaking in the spa.

Despite my deficiencies, I think I'm pretty close to the maximum load I can handle in my weekly workout schedule.  I wonder if this is the year I start getting slower.  Probably. Inevitable.  But it's been a great run.

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