Sunday, December 20, 2015

good week / schedule / award

Resistance last night focusing on glutes.  This week, I had 3 track workouts and 2 weights.  Today, I'm doing abs and hip flexors.  Last night I felt some pain in the second metatarsophalangeal joint (mid toe), maybe due to calf raises.  It was better today, probably just arthritis.

I'm getting the sprint body back, wake-up weight was 143 lbs.

I got an email from USATF saying my 'Age group Athlete of the Year' award will be presented at outdoor nationals in Michigan, and that I'd get into the awards dinner for free.

I've decided to not enter the Armory Sprint night in NY, and not enter the all-ages meet in Birmingham on 1/2.  So, I will likely open my season in Nashville at TSU on 1/10.   Last year at TSU, the Ed Temple meet was pretty small.  They were running heats of 2 people in some events.  I might do the 55m and the 400m, and maybe the 200m.  Not the fastest track, a flat spongy 200m oval.  I've never run good times there.  Usually 57s, mid 25s or worse.

My 2016 indoor season meet schedule is posted in the sidebar.  The USF Invitational is again the week after Masters Indoor Nationals and is during my spring break, so I hope to visit my parents and open my outdoor season then on March 12.

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