Monday, December 14, 2015

speed / event runs

Very windy but nice at Sewanee's track today... 60º but felt colder because of a gusty wind.  Today, I wanted to see where I am since I am now at race weight.
400m warmup, stretches, drills 
Nike R3 spikes on 
Quality sprints from blocks with beep command: 
300m - 41 
200m - 26 
2 x 100m - 12.5, 13
It felt ok, not too bad for this point in the season.  I think I'm somewhere around 57sec 400m speed right now based on what I felt at the end of the 300m.  I could have been a tad under 41 and 26 for the 300 and 200 event runs, but just rounded up.  Everything was 95%+ today and I was really fatigued afterward, despite the small volume.  Another indication I don't have much foundation.

I found a way to tape my foot for more support over the shoe, although it wasn't necessary today with such small volume.  

142 after workout.   Lean again.

300m event run from blocks in lane 5 - 400m start

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