Monday, January 29, 2018

KMS Invitational - meet report

Not a good outing, slowest time ever on this Crossplex track by more than a second.
400m - 57.71

Probably the result of a too conservative race plan and a lack of training volume as the foot continues to hamper me.

The Race

My splits were sub optimal.  The Crossplex has race clocks all around, so I could see my approximate splits.  I was about 26 high instead of 26 flat (I was 25.5ish in Daegu) for the first 200, then about 41 high or 42 for the 300 instead of 40.  I didn't feel totally spent or rigged at the end so I knew it was slow.  Had more in the tank.

The MTSU guy in lane 6 scratched, and I had 3 freshman guys from Concordia College in my heat, all about 19 yrs old.  One was a real 400 guy, the other 2 seemed untrained.  They were laughing and joking around about running with a masters guy, I said my usual line, "don't let an old man beat ya."  The MC recognized me from the previous year and gave me a thumbs up as I set my blocks.

The guy in lane 4 passed me almost immediately in the first 100m, and took a sizable lead by the break.  I felt the guy in lane 2 would challenge me at the break so I came off the turn with some authority and headed him off.  On the back stretch, the leader smoked me and by the last 100, he had a 30m+ lead and finished in 53.1.

Looking at the video, I'm surprised the kid behind me in lane 2 didn't get DQ'd for repeatedly stepping on the line... little cheater!

I never saw the other guys after the break and I felt pretty good in the end, and I was surprised and disappointed I'd run such a slow time from a good lane.  I ran 56.66 from lane 2 last year on this track.  I know I'm capable of running faster.  The foot hurt a bit but I don't think it hurt my race.  When the gun goes off, I don't think much about the foot pain.

Those 2 running behind me weren't laughing after the race, one of them seemed to be feigning an injury.  Welcome to the 400m, boys!

The injury
The left foot heel was particularly bad after this race.  I'm going to have to go in to see my foot doc.  I wonder if in fact this is a plantar issue or a stress fracture?  It would think a fracture would show trauma but none to be seen, no black n blue, just some redness.  But unlike plantar issues that usually involves the arch, this is definitely a specific area on the inside edge of the heel, and hurts with toe-off movement.  I walk on the outside of my foot to protect it.  Frustrating because all the 'big stuff' like hams, quads, knees, hips, etc... are healthy and working fine, to be held back by a small spot on my foot really sucks.  It's happened before... in '13 when I had that fracture on my right foot that took me out for the season.     Also, I've fought pretty hard to get down to my race weight and rid of much of my body fat.  I'm actually pretty fit and with a few good weeks of training, I think I could run 55-56.  Training is a long term investment and it's a bitch when it's time to produce and one thing causes a problem.

This week doesn't look good for training.  I'll be in the pool for some aqua running and weights tonight.  I could do track or cross training on Tues and Wed early, but due to work and travel, I'll have to take off Thurs and Friday before Millrose this Saturday.  I'll be good to go for Millrose.  The thing about this injury is that it can feel bad one day, like today, then feel only moderate the next, allowing me to do a little track training, 1000m or so.

Good thing there is almost 7 weeks before Nationals!!    My 57.02 is still top ranked in the world M55 indoor, by a lot.   Trevor, the World Silver medalist in Australia ran a 57.60 outdoor.

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