Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Indoor workout

I only workout indoor once or twice a year.  It has to be pretty bad before I come inside to train.  Last night it fell below zero up here in Sewanee and today's high was about 16º so the track remained snow covered.   I really am lucky to have this facility to train in, I go at night and have this 160m flat track to myself until 11:00 pm.  This 160m track has 25m straights and 55m turns, so on the inside lane, 300m of a 400m race is run on the turn.  It's not really wise to run hard 200s on this track so I took my measuring wheel and measured a 400m in the outside lane that would eliminate a turn, 4 turns instead of the normal 5 turns in a race (with a break to lane 1).  I knew it would be hard on the body training in here, and it was.
Hoka trainers on 
200m warmup, stretches, drills 
400m - 61.5
300m - 45 
wicket drills
I was surprised to run a 61 in this small circle.  Minus 2 seconds for what it would have been outside. I was going to follow up with 2 x 300m, but after one 300m, my L foot and R hip were taking a beating.  So, I had to stop.  The 300m was hard and a good pump.  Still feeling those squats I did on Sunday.

I've been wanting to get some wickets for form drills, but didn't want to spend $50-60 for a dozen, so I made my own from PVC.  It was easy.  I'll go back tomorrow night for a light workout, wickets and maybe some blocks.  No turns.... running those turns is hard on the body.

Samford Open
Really pissed.... for the first time ever, I drew the dreaded lane one at the meet this Saturday at the Crossplex.  Terrible on that track!   Huge disadvantage, and... I'm not even in the slowest heat.   I don't understand why I'm not in the slowest heat, there are guys in that heat faster than me.   Bummer.   Lane one has to run the entire turn with no bank, compared to the higher lanes which run half the turn and start by running downhill.  Definitely harder on the feet.  Usually, they don't even use lane one for the 400/200, but they are in this meet.  Shit!   Oh well, I ran 56.66 from lane 2 last time.  Lane 5 is choice on that track.  Maybe I can ask to move to a different lane if someone scratches, but I doubt it.  I'm haunted by the time I DQ'd false started from lane 5 in a 200m 2 yrs ago.  There are some elites and Olympians at this meet.  Calvin Smith and Kyle Clemons are in heat 1.

My new wickets....


  1. I'm going for my first reborn masters booty locking 400 sunday Jan. 21. I ran a 30.8 200 from a standing cautious start on Jan. 7th. At 100m into the 200 everything felt good so I shifted up and came home strong.I had also ran a tepid 400 and 800 before the 200 that day. I haven't ran a "leave it all on the track" 400 since 1981. I'm a little worried about the last 100 but its time to say hello to that old friend. M57 Thankfull for your Sprint Forever blog.