Wednesday, July 5, 2017

speed in spikes

Mild and moist in Murfreesboro this evening, 76º with a dewpoint of 74º.   Actually pleasant for July. I did a good warmup and put the spikes on today for a quality low volume workout.  Everything 95+%.    Felt ok.
Hoka trainers on  
400m warmup, stretches, drills 
Puma spikes on  
3 x 60m accelerations 
300m event run - 39.8 (25.8/14) 
3 x 150m - 18.2 , 19, 18.8
None of these runs were done with blocks, just a '2 step and go.'  Wanted to put off blocks til I'm sure there's no risk of strain.   I feel that I'm good now, so blocks on Friday.

The 300m event run was good although I really pushed it around on the 3rd 100.   I estimate it was about mid 55s pace as I was in about in 'mid 15s' condition for the last 100m.

I thought I was running pretty fast in my 150s since my first was 18.2 (sub 25 200m pace)  until I saw Janet run one in 17.   Such perfect form she has.  (She has taken Silver in both the African Championships and in the PanAM Games.  She has run 11.09 100m [wind aided]).

With these quality low volume workouts, I should be able to be on the track most of the next 6 days before I leave for Nationals.  They should be posting the detailed schedule next week.  I really hope they consider evening races.  Last yr the 400m final was at 3:00pm.  Heat indexes in Baton Rouge could easily be over 100º at that time.  Today, for example... 94º with a heat index of 105º at 3pm, that's worse than Jacksonville was in '15.

143.5 lbs after workout.


  1. Bill, per AccuWeather the predicted highs for the meet are 91, 91, 89, and 90. In other words, you will be catching a bit of a break. I will be shocked if they go with a day-evening schedule, even though that was the case in 2001 (the last time they had the meet in Baton Rouge).

    Peter L. Taylor
    Well-known authority on US masters T&F

  2. Yes, the detailed schedule is out and my 400m races will be in hottest part of the day. Prelims at 3:36PM, Finals at 2:18PM. Nice.

  3. Yes, Bill, for some reason I knew they were not going to go to a day-evening schedule. Too bad. Note that the latest AccuWeather forecast for Baton Rouge is slightly more demanding than the previous one: 93-91-89-91 for the four days.

    If memory serves, USATF Masters has done day-evening only once (Baton Rouge 2001), never coming back to it. It was absolutely brutal for me as the announcer. This year I will not be in Baton Rouge, and so it won't affect me personally, but I do wish you and the other sprinters good luck. The distance runners also need relief, but maybe they will spray them with water from hoses (I do not know the plan).

    Peter L. Taylor