Friday, July 14, 2017

Day two - 2017 USATF Masters National Outdoor Championships

Didn't bring my A game but still took the Silver Medal today in the M55 400m.  56.78 is my slowest 400m in a championship race since my first Nationals in 2011.  Ironic that it occurred 3 1/2 months after my fastest championship 400m (55.17 - indoors in Korea).  Also ironic that it was slightly slower than the first 400m race of my life at age 51 (56.71).

It took me a while to get myself to watch the video, but before I did, I thought maybe I went out too slow.  After watching the video, my splits seemed ok, it was just my last 100m.  I rigged and didn't produce.  My 300m was right around 40 flat but my last 100m was a struggling 16.5 ish+.   Really awful.  I usually run this last 100m in at least 15 high, which would bring me in at 55 high, but not today.   I don't know what to attribute my poor performance to except possibly over training or not enough foundation.  Not really sure.  Maybe the heat?  Seems like I worked hard enough, but I guess not.  Maybe not enough recovery and not enough volume.  Just don't know.  Maybe I didn't have my mind right today.

This was the end of a 2 year winning streak that included these four USATF titles: outdoor '15 Jacksonville, indoor '16 Albuquerque, outdoor '16 Grand Rapids, and indoor '17 Albuquerque.  

It's been quite a run these past 2 years: 4 National Championships (400m), 1 World Championship (200m), 1 World Silver (400m), 2 World Bronze (400m, 200m),  2 Silver and 2 Bronze (200m) at Nationals, a USATF Age Group Athlete of the Year in '15, and a World Record in the 4 x 200m.   I guess, writing this all is a way of making me feel better for losing today.  It's OK.  I didn't win any national medals at all in 2014, so I'm ok with it.   Just wish I had run a better time.  I still have the fastest M55 time in the US in the 400m that I ran at a college meet back in April, a full second faster than I ran today.

It was nice that Corey's dad, age 85 was here to see him win.  This is his second National title.

The 200m is going to be real tough this year to medal in judging by the incredible M55 100m prelims.  3 guys, Val, Don, and Rob all ran under 12 in the 100m.   Faster than I've ever run, so they'll likely be the favorites for the medals in the 400m.   Since I rigged up today in the 400m, feel a bit beaten and not real optimistic.  We'll see how the prelims go tomorrow.

Out for some seafood with my fellow tracksters... John, Ray, Nick, me, Rob, Cheryl.   57 is the new 40.  Livin' well.


  1. Gee, you are tough on yourself! Sometimes you lose a gold medal and sometimes you win a silver. You have won a silver medal. Well done! Be proud - great effort!