Thursday, July 13, 2017

Day one - 2017 USATF Masters National Outdoor Championships

It was an unprecedented day in Nationals Masters track championships.  I did not race, my age group rolled to a final because of a few scratches, we have final of 9 people.   After continuous lightning delays, races that were scheduled to go down at 3:30pm, still hadn't run by 6pm so the decision was made to run the remaining heats of the 400m prelims, and the Pentathlon 200m and 1500m indoors, on the flat 200m indoor track.  According to all I had talked with, this was unprecedented - using an indoor track for a championship outdoor meet.  For the 400m, it's really a completely different race.  Of course this would nullify any records that might be set.

When I first heard, I broke the news to a bunch of M50 colleagues, and they couldn't believe it.  Some had never run indoor track.  I told Lee B. and he said it was a big mental adjustment to 'get his mind right' to run an unexpected indoor 200m at an outdoor meet.  I seriously doubt they would do this for the finals tomorrow, even though there is a 60%+ chance of storms at race time.  Some people simply do not run indoor track and have never raced on a 200m oval.  I think Corey for one.  I proceeded to make a joke and start telling everyone they were going to run the 100m tomorrow starting on the turn indoors.   Robert T. who was incredulous that they were even doing this said, 'Yea, they probably would.'  Everyone thinks these 400m prelims were a waste of time and they should have run 2 heat finals tomorrow where necessary, as they did at Jacksonville in '15 when bad weather hit during the prelims.

I'm thankful everyone used fairly honest seed times for tomorrow's M55 400m final.  I'm in a good lane, lane 5 with 2 of my major competitors to my outside in 6 and 7 - Corey and David.  Jim has lane 4, so he can see all of us as the race will be in 4,5,6,7.   Jim is in good shape, but no telling what shape Corey is in ... he hasn't raced since Perth, 11/16.  That's a long time ago, although he looks fit, says his training has gone well, has a lot of experience and a World Championship.      Anyway, it'll be good to see him since I ran blind to him last 2 times we raced.  Seeing him may help me from going out too fast.

Anyway, I went out and warmed up today and did a few 50 - 60m sprints in spikes and it felt good.  I should be good to go.

Here's a photo of Ben running the first indoor 400m (M60 prelim) ever contested in an outdoor championship meet.

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