Monday, March 28, 2016

volume tempo +

Not many more days like this... perfect day for some suffering at the Sewanee track.  Cloudy morning in the 40ºs giving way to breezy sunshine and 51º by noon.  I did a brutal workout today... 2 miles of sprints ... (or as one non-athletic ankle-biter friend likes to call it, "on the track doing my little routine.")
Saucony training shoes on 
350m warmup, stretches, drills 
600, 600, 400, 400 w/ 3 min rest between - 1:51, 1:56, 78, 79 
4 x 200m w/ 1 min rest between - 30.5, 31, 32, 30 
2 x 200m - 27, 27
A 3200m workout, biggest of the season I think.  Comparable to the workout I did 11 days before Nationals when I was sick.  Times were comparable.  It was a ball buster.  Even 25 min after my 600/400 set, when I started my 4x200s, my heart rate was still almost double resting rate - 108.  I finished with 2 strong 200s concentrating on form and pace.  Happy to get them in at 27 at the end of such a hellacious workout.  Weights tonight then back out on Wed.

143.6 lbs after workout.

Interesting to note the massive calorie burn from these HIIT intervals ... dropped a lb in an hour this afternoon after I got home.... after weighing myself again an hour later, 142.6.