Saturday, March 19, 2016

Emory Invite - meet report

Coming into the homestretch - Emory Invitational
Opened my outdoor season with a decent showing.   Fortunately, the rain held off and temperatures were nice, 72º ... but a persistent head wind blew down the home stretch.  I realized that I had done too much on Friday... my back was a bit sore from several block starts and 4 fast sprints.   I decided right up front that I was going to scratch in the 200m, which without an alternate finish cam, would be run into the wind.

400m - 55.72

I had lane 8, a bad lane on this wide radius track.  I was in a mixed heat, some fast and some real slow... typical for a large DIII meet.   I got an OK start and the 2 fast guys in my heat in lane 6 and 7 passed me on the back stretch.  I felt pretty comfortable coming into the home stretch slightly behind two guys and way ahead of 2 others... the heat winner was long gone, 35m+ ahead (finishing in 51).  I thought I might have a shot at a better time, but my last 20m wasn't very strong.  I didn't suffer a lot in this race and feel I can go faster under better conditions, Mondo track, better lane, no wind.  I don't want to jinx myself, but I really think this could be the yr I finally break 55.

Nevertheless, my 55.72 was faster than any time I ran 2 yrs ago in '14, and I only ran faster 3 times last season - at Nationals and Worlds.   Overall, it was a respectable start to the season and by far the fastest time outdoors in the World in M55.

Next weekend is Vanderbilt and I'm already registered.  The 200m is Friday evening and the 400m is Sat afternoon.   That gives me just 2 training days this week - Monday and Wednesday.  Probably will do tempo on Monday and maybe 150s on Wed.  Usually do weights Monday night but I may skip it this week.

Added a few more meets to my schedule.


  1. if you are going to race so much maybe try adding 800 and make them training meet. maybe alternate between 200 and 400 for each meet for to stay sharp and always run the 800. that is for the first half of the season.

  2. Good point, I'm scheduled to race 3 of the next 4 weekends, already feeling a bit weary after a long indoor season. However, the college outdoor season is short and I've got to do it when it's available. Probably take a break in May and gear up for Nationals in July. Probably should just limit my training to one tempo workout a week. I'd really like to pop a 54 in the next month, but I remember how racing so much in '14 provided diminishing returns.