Friday, September 13, 2013

Pre race day

No, as much as I want to, I shouldn't run the 100m tomorrow.  I'm still surprisingly sore in the hams from Wednesday's speed work.

Beautiful morning on the Dean Hayes track, sunny 70º, moist.  The cones and hurdles are out which means the team is back to regular practicing.   I should join them sometime.  I'll wait for a cloudy cool Monday.
Cooler weather coming tonight.... it's supposed to hit the 40s tonight on the plateau and only low 70ºs tomorrow.

I just warmed up today and ran a little at 80% effort to work up a sweat and try to shed some of this soreness.

Saucony Virrata training shoes on 
800m warmup, stretches, drills 
400m - 64 
200m - 28 
100m strider 
more stretches

Think I'll hit the hot tub and the foam roller.  Later today in Sewanee, I'll get the blocks out and spikes on and mess around with some starts.... and stretch a bit more.   Looks like Sewanee isn't getting a new track anytime soon... hopefully before the spring.

Tomorrow is just a hand timed senior meet.  Another solo time trial/workout.

Weight is good again: 140.8 lbs after workout.  Should be at a decent race weight tomorrow.

Race weight

Looking ahead to indoor 
I've just been made aware of a spectacular new indoor track in Birmingham:  the Birmingham Crossplex has a brand new hydraulically banked Super-X Mondo 200m track.  They'll be running a Div III college meet there very early in the season and usually 3 more during the year.   The first meet is usually the weekend after Thanksgiving.

Well, well.... Vanderbilt has a brand new 300m indoor track ast their new multi purpose facility.... and they're having a meet there 1/25-26.   It looks like there will be as many as seven or more meets I can run in this coming season.

It'll be here before you know it.


  1. Mom says too skinny, she can see your ribs ..... I say you look fine and they're 'intercostal muscles' not ribs!!

  2. ......and if your smart, you'll not run the 100, risk injury which would put you back and obviate being 'real ready' for the 2013-14 indoor season!!!!!