Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Fast under the full moon

I'm definitely back.  

Quality sprints.

Tonight at the Dean Hayes track under a full moon, it was a beautiful 74º and humid.   I invited my student Jacob to run with me on even split quality sprints.  Jacob was a sub 50 400m guy in high school and is just running again for the first time.  He ran the last 200m of my 400m with me and the last 100m of my 300m.

I donned my backup meet spikes... the green Puma Bolt spikes with crowns.  After a good sweaty warmup, I programmed the timer for 14/15/14/15.   I was at around 98% effort in the last half of my runs tonight.

800m warmup, stretches, drills 
400m - 58 (29/29) 
300m - 42 (14/14/14) 
5 block starts
The 400m might have been 57.5, I think I crossed just ahead of the beep.   The first 29 sec 200m felt very easy.  I feel I can cut 2 seconds of that first 200m, and if I can keep the same second 200m, I'd be back in business.   It's still early and I haven't yet run any 200s below 27 in training.  The blocks felt good too.  Moving my back foot back about an inch gives my 'animal start' more balance and allows me to crowd the line even closer.

Today was my final appointment with foot Dr., Jeff Willers.  Xrays showed complete healing and I'm glad there is no screw in my foot.  The ankle arthritis is not as bad as it was, and if it gets bad, he can inject it with steroids.  I'm having minor surgery on my thumb on Sept 10 but that shouldn't prevent me from training for more than a day or 2.

My weight is 141.6 after workout, lightest I've been this year and ready to start my season.  Tomorrow is my first 'pre-race day' in almost 9 months ... been a long time in coming.  It will be an evening all-comers meet under the lights in Chattanooga.  Hope it doesn't rain.   I may go to the track again tomorrow night to do a warmup and some striders and starts.

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