Friday, August 30, 2013


The heat of summer is back, mid 70'sº at MTSU's Floyd Stadium at sunrise.   I came to do stadium stair sprints.

I got about 7 done and they were hard... then the women's tennis showed up and proceeded to run my set of stairs.  The coach let me work in at the end of the line.  They were only going to do 10.   Some of them were terribly lame, only managing to walk the last few.  I did some double legged bleacher hops and continued after they had left.

I also found an excellent new piece of equipment.
200m jog, dynamic stretches 
19 stadium stair sprints 
6 x 20yd weight sled sprints
The weight sled looks to be a really great addition to the strength routine.   I hope I find it out there the next time I go.  The sled weighs about 90 lbs (sled + 50 lbs).

I should probably take a day off tomorrow and do resistance bands later today.

Weight is good, 140.2 lbs after workout.

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  1. Guess you showed those 'sissy tennis players'!!!