Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Resistance and prehab

Complete resistance workout today.  Wondering if I should ever attempt to run the 100m again.  I ran in  four 100m races last year and was injured in the last 2 attempts, the first just slightly.   I ran a hand timed 11.94 in that race despite the ham tweek.   I love the 100m.  I could run it on Sept. 28.

Because of the new Sr. Games Schedule, I am technically competing as a 54 yr old - (my age on 12/31/14) ... so, it is the last opportunity to go after state records in my age group at the State meet in June '14.   I think state records are only recognized in the FAT timed State meet.  Understandable, since a lot of weird shit goes on at these very unofficial hand timed meets.   Last two state meets, I was not 100% and I had to forego the 200m both times.  The 200m record should be an easy get at 25.7 (h) ... unless there is a severe headwind.  The 100m record is 12.32, which would require my A-game to beat ... I've only twice run faster than that FAT timed, then again, I've run very few FAT 100s.

Today, 2 sets complete resistance workout.  Glutes, hips, adductors, calves, hams, abs, upper body.  Also some squat jumps.

Tomorrow, if I can get my butt out of bed early, I may go to Oakland HS to run a few 800s.   It will be painful.   I seriously doubt I can get under 3 min.  Last Oct., I was in better shape and my first outing did two 800s in 2:39 and 2:49, and that was in spikes.  I'll shoot for 3min, it will give me a bench mark.

A week from Fri., July 26, I will see Dr. Willers for what I expect will be my final visit and xrays; and I will seek 'official' clearance to run.   After that, I could expect to do speed work in spikes if I want to.

My foot feels fine.  But, I'm 148 and need to lose several lbs.

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