Tuesday, July 16, 2013

My first run

Today, I tested my wheels.   It's been 4 1/2 weeks since my last xrays and Dr. Willers said I could jog at 3 weeks, Dr. Rod said I could resume running at 4-6 weeks.  I still need to get formal clearance from the Dr. to run and one last set of xrays, but it feels fine.  First run in 28 weeks.   And they said it would heal in 16.  Sheesh!

I did the usual hot tub stretches then hit the road.
800m run on the road - untimed 
dynamic stretches, drills

Wow, do I feel heavy.  I'm 148.4, but feel heavier.  New shoes feel good.  Like racing flats.  I will try and use them more on the track and less on the road.  Both tracks at MTSU and Sewanee are under construction and unavailable right now, but I have backups at St. Andrews Sewanee, and Oakland, HS.

Tonight I will try 10 flights up the stadium stairs.

Fall Competition Schedule:

Due to the new Sr. Olympics schedule, my first opportunity to race will be at the Lawrenceburg, TN Sr. district meet on Aug 21 - just 5 weeks away.  I think in these first few meets I probably shouldn't attempt a 100m or maybe not even a 200m race.  We'll see.   For these meets, my official age is 54 - the top of my age group since the National Finals are in 2014.  These are low key hand timed Sr. meets.

Aug 21 - Lawrenceburg, TN District meet 200m  (tentative)
Aug 22 - Lawrenceburg, TN District meet 400m
Sept. 14 - Chattanooga, TN District meet (400m and 200m?)
Sept. 28 - Greater Nashville, TN District meet  (400m,  200m, 100m?)


Isn't it a bitch about Tyson Gay.   I was so looking forward to seeing him race Bolt.

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