Friday, July 26, 2013

sunrise on a brand new track

I was the first person to train on MTSU's newly resurfaced track.  I was really tempted to get my spikes on and run fast, but now is not the time.  (I brought them just in case).  The track is nice and tight.  I'm sure Coach Hayes would be pissed to see anyone out here on this virgin track with spikes.

At 5:15am, there was a hint of fall in the air, 63º - cool for July.  It will get into the upper 80sº today in Murfreesboro, so this felt great.

800s again today.  + one.
Saucony Virrata trainers on 
400m warmup, stretches, drills 
5 x 800m - 2:51, 2:55, 2:56, 3:01, 2:59
About 10 sec slower than I was running these last Nov., but I was 4 lbs lighter and running in spikes.   Ankle hurt on the last 800.  Not sure what I'll do this weekend in Sewanee.  Maybe do some biking, and maybe some track work.  I think I'll hit the stadium stairs at MTSU again on Monday night or Tues. morn, and start adding a speed day in spikes next week.  These 800s are helping me, as long as my ankle holds up.  I'm really wanting to run a 400m in spikes to see where I am.  Just want to aim for 60 for now.  I have time, 4 weeks before a race.

Still relatively heavy, 145.8 lbs after workout.

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