Wednesday, July 24, 2013

MTSU gets a new track surface

The MTSU track has been resurfaced and by Friday, the lines should be complete.   It is just 2 guys that put the lines on.  I was surprised that all the lines are done manually with the help of a computer that calculates the radius from 2 points in the center of the stadium.   In lane one, the actual 400m distance is 30cm (about a foot) from the inside edge of the white line, 20cm in the other lanes.   So, it's theoretically possible to run less than 400m in a 400m race if one were to hug the line intently, especially in lane one.

I thought I would send a jesting email to Coach Hayes telling him that I can't wait to start tearing up his new track on Friday morning... but then again... better not.

If I train Friday, I will be the first person to train on this track, although I will have to jump the fence.  It's a bit softer than Oakland HS.   Can't wait to get the spikes on this new surface.

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