Thursday, July 18, 2013

Return to dawn

Up at 4:22 am, left for the Oakland HS track at 4:48.  On the track at 5:00 am.  It was a nice return.

Conditions - humid and 76º.

Oakland HS has an excellent track, every bit as good as MTSU's (...which is now being resurfaced).  I had to squeeze through a gap in the fence to get in.   The track is just a 10 min drive from my house.

Save for some ankle arthritis, everything felt good.

I was able to stay on my toes mostly for the first 800, but not the second.  I stayed close to my modest 3:00 goal and I did just 2.

Saucony Virratas on
 300m warmup on grass, dynamic stretches, drills
2 x 800m - 2:54, 3:01 
200m - :29

 Just before the second 800m, a lovely blonde amazon showed up and similarly squeezed through the fence.   She struck up a conversation and I learned she was a basketball player.   She ran a 200m with me.   Thankfully, she was not fast... I finished in 29, she about 34.   The 200m felt good and I did not push real hard.

The foot seems to be totally healed.   Don't know why I'm going back for another appointment next week...  probably best to be sure.  I'll ask about my ankle.

Beautiful dawn sky.

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