Sunday, June 19, 2016

Off day

Probably shouldn't have run this meet.  Racing  three weekends in a row is never a great idea, and I'm committed to racing next weekend.

Not a great day in Atlanta at the Ga Assoc. meet.   Didn't sleep well and felt a little sick from a sports drink that I drank before the early morning 400m race  (that I later found out contained sucralose, terrible) .  When warming up, I said to Roya, "Running is the last thing I feel like doing right now," as my left ankle was a bit sore.  However, the weather was as cool as a mid June day could be in GA.  Only mid 70ºs but unfortunately, very windy.   I got lane 6 and Marcus was inside me in 5.   I went out at my usual pace but Marcus passed me going into the final turn.  I tried to stay with him, and I probably shouldn't have,  I rigged up in the last 20-30m and lost a lot of time.  He ran a 54 and I wasn't ready to run a 54.  We were both chasing an M40 guy from the UK that ran 52.  He beat me by 10m but I was moving so slowly at the end, it took me 2 seconds to run that last 10m.  Finished in 56.70.   I took a beating for my failed execution.

The 200m was similar.  A little beat up from my 400, I got an ok start, not as good as last weekend, I ran a decent turn but lost time at the end.  We had a -.09 headwind, but still... slowest 200m of my outdoor season 25.43.

Not sure what to do at this point, either business as usual or maybe a slight taper this week before next meet, and then ramp up afterwards to get ready for some hard training in preparation for Nationals.

Don't really think this was a failure in preparation... just not a good race.  I feel I'm in decent shape and should be better by Nationals.  I'll have plenty of competition with Jim, Corey and Tyrone ... all who have run 56.7 -56.9 recently.

This meet was a very well attended and competitive masters meet.  I did win my age group in both events, but since I wasn't happy with my times, I didn't collect my medals.


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