Sunday, May 8, 2016

Taking a break

Taking a break from the track.  Was happy to see my parents make a surprise visit to Atlanta for Saturday's meet, so after a subpar 100m race, I bailed on the 200m and went to Roya's to cook dinner.  My hips felt sore just jogging across the parking lot, signaling ... it's time for a break.

The all ages meet at Emory was kind of a bust.   Running into the wind, I got a poor start, was last at 50m but was able come back and not finish last in my heat  - in a slow 12.42.  Most guys in my heat were in their 30s, one guy was 47.   I was the oldest guy on the track.   It was my first 100m race since I seriously injured myself running one 13 months ago, and I guess I was a bit tentative.  Not really my race, but even this poor time would be #9 in the world M55 last I looked.  I won't post it.

Glad I did it, saw my masters colleagues and it was fun to see tiny kids as young as 5 yrs old race.  Makes me think this sport has a future.

Stay tuned, should be back on the track by around the 17th or so.  In the mean time, I'll be doing other things to stay fit.


  1. Bill, I truly admire your attitude. Always truthful, optimistic, and forward looking. Saw those little kids as well and a 'few' reminded me and your Mom of YOU!! I seriously believe that you are among the very few which are blessed with 'True Grit'. EXCELSIOR!!

  2. Nice to see you, hope I can do better next time.