Friday, May 13, 2016

light stuff

In the weight room for my first exercise in 6 days.  Healing pretty well.  Only still feel the hip on the right side.  Feet are fine.  After a brief workout did a 100m strider as a test.
Concept 2 rower: 2000m - 8:50 
one set of:leg curls, leg extensions, hip flexors, adds, abds, pecks, calves 
15 squat jumps w/ 80 lbs.  
Everything felt fine except I'll probably hold off on the hip flexor machine and squat jumps.
 Hills should be enough.

Great weather, too bad I'm not back into training yet... only mid 60ºs high temps for the next 3 days.   Biking on Sunday.

Asian Masters Championships
The results are in for this meet that included athletes from China, Japan, India, Korea, Nepal, Philippines, Maylasia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Turkey, and many other Asian countries.

I guess I shouldn't feel too bad about running a 12.42 100m.... the M55 Asian Champion ran 12.46.   Other M55 sprint times also unimpressive.  Winning times for M55 Asian Champions were:  400m - 57.71,  200m - 26.43 (-2.2).  

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