Thursday, May 19, 2016

Hill sprints

Went to Tennessee Ave. in Sewanee, known as the 'road to the cross,'  and picked out a hill.   It was a good one, about 250m, about a 15% grade.   Perfect evening, 68º.
Saucony trainers on 
200m warmup, stretches 
10 x 250m hill sprints
I thought 10 would be good.   I was beginning to feel the lactic after the first 3.  Really feeling it after 6, wasn't sure if I'd make 10.  But I took some extra recovery in addition to the walk down and was able to get 10.  I experienced that '300m phenomenon'  ... where the heavy oxygen debt doesn't strike until shortly after finishing.  It was a good pump.  I'm sure I'll do this again.  Maybe find a shorter and steeper hill.   Like any workout, could always do it faster and with less rest.

Felt ok.  I should be good to go on the track again on Sat.

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