Tuesday, May 3, 2016

300, 200, 150

After a week of warm and humid weather, a week of cooler weather coming up.  Dry and falling into the mid 50ºs by sunset at the Sewanee track.  Got there with very little daylight left as I finished my last work of the semester at MTSU this afternoon.  I whipped the new Hoka Clifton 1's out of the box and hit the track.  
Hoka trainers on 
400m warmup, stretches, drills 
300m - 43 
200m - 26.5 
150m - 19.8
Running out of daylight, I didn't take full rest between but close to it.   It felt ok.  The hip soreness is fading and still a little soreness in the feet.   Weight is under control - 145.4 after workout.

Was able to get a brief workout on upper body and hip flexors last night.  Soon, Sewanee will be even more a ghost ship than it already is.  Very quiet.  

Officially now on vacation, probably til late August since it doesn't look like my class this summer will be offered.  Too bad I'm not training full tilt this week.  Perfect weather, next few nights will hit the 40ºs.

I need to really prioritize my rest time.  Now that my credit card bills for the USATF Nationals and WMAC Perth trip have com due, I realize I have a lot invested in not being injured.

I love the new Hoka trainers.  See my review in next post.

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