Thursday, July 9, 2015

Speed / event runs

Beautiful night at the Sewanee track, 76º and nice at sunset.   Did a brief quality speed workout in spikes with blocks.  
Saucony trainers on 
600m warmup, stretches, drills 
Saucony spikes on 
    from blocks in lane 4:   
2 x 50m  
100m - 13 
3 x 200m event runs at 400m race pace - 25.8, 25.8, 25.6 
100m - 13 
2 x 40m starts
I ran the 200s at 400m race pace from blocks with a beep start command, about 90-95% effort.   Happy with the pace, pretty much nailed it right where I wanted to be.  The last one I pushed a bit harder.  I just need to bring it in at 29 and I'll be in PR territory.   Just have to execute, plan mental reminders to relax and maintain form.

A little amusing to see the TN Sr. Olympics 200m M55 event was won at 28.01.  Wish I could've been there.   Let them have their fun.... Jim Mathis's records are safe.          

In this, my first workout as an official member of M55, I've noticed the biggest difference between being a masters sprinter and a young sprinter.   When I first arrive at the track and start jogging, I feel old and decrepit.  But, after that warmup, dynamic stretching, drills and a few striders ... I feel transformed into a lean mean speed machine.  As a youth, warmups were really unnecessary.   I never pulled a hamstring in all my high school athletic career.  I was primed to sprint at any moment.   Not now, I have to go through the routine.   Priming those energy pathways and loosening up the old musculature and connective tissue.  It still works after all these yrs.

Weight is good 141.6 after workout.

welcome workout to M55

World Track and Field
Nice to see Gatlin continue to dominate the fastest men in the world... beating both Asafa Powell and Tyson Gay today in Lausanne.  Also, great to see Allyson Felix win again over the much taller Dafne Schippers.   Speaking of height ... it's nice for us short 400m guys to see that the new US Champion, David Verberg is just 5'6".  And, it was nice to see a pro athlete - Sonja Richards-Ross do a 400/200m double today at the Diamond League meet.   You don't see that very often.

I'd really like to see more of the youth talent like Bromell, Prandini, and DeGrasse racing with these dominant 30+ sprinters like Gay, Powell, and Gatlin in the Diamond League.

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