Saturday, July 11, 2015

Failed to execute

Took a risk and went out fast in the 400m today at the USATF IN Assoc meet.  Too fast.  Totally rigged in the last 30m, and by the time I crossed the finish line, I felt as if I were moving at walking speed, literally.   I 'received the piano' ... big time, and it kicked the shit out of me.  Not a pleasant experience.  Took a long time to recover, felt drained for the rest of the day.

Nevertheless, my time today of 56.23 is presently #1 in the USA M55, #4 in the world.   I don't even want to post it in the Masters Rankings, I know I can do better.  Really disappointed.  A 400 race always hurts, but it's interesting to note that poorly paced races where I rig up definitely kick my butt more than the PR races where form is maintained and properly paced.

The meet was tiny, one heat of everything.  Men, women, people of all ages running together.  A few hurdle events had just one person.  So... there was very little time between the 400m and 200m, about 40min.   I was going to skip it, I was spent ... but I jumped in the 200m at the last minute, ran a predictably slow 25.38.

Not the kind of meet I wanted to run just before Nationals.  But, I learned.

Some of my other excuses include: 1) 100% of my track workouts have been at sunset, just not used to running in the morning.  2) Didn't sleep enough the last 2 nights.  About 4 hrs each night. 3) Racing alone, far ahead of everyone with no reference.  I had only myself as a reference, and I just failed in my race plan.

Moving forward... I'm assuming many of the championship races will be run in the morning so I am going to start training in the morning, and get to used to being on the track at that time of day.  I really hate to be exposing my self to the hot sun, but at this point, I need to get adjusted.  Sunscreen.

I also need more event runs and pacing practice.  

5 more workouts until nationals.  Need to rest Sunday, groin is sore.  Don't know why, but it's always my left groin.

Enjoyed meeting some fellow masters at the meet today:


  1. Bill, have you been following the predicted termperatures for the big meet in Jacksonville? You probably know that the last day the city did not reach 90 was in June. Regardless, you seem to be in excellent shape for your events. Personally, I'm quite worried about myself, as announcing for 4 days in such conditions will be very rough indeed. Maybe a call to 9-1-1 will be necessary on the last day.

    Peter Taylor

  2. Peter, They still have not posted specific times for Jacksonville. I am expecting they'll follow the usual schedule, but I'm really hoping they might hold events in the evening under the lights. They said the schedule would be posted by July 9; still waiting.

  3. Yes, Bill, when someone misses a deadline this badly you start wondering all sorts of things. By the way, at 5:08 this afternoon the J-ville temperature (per AccuWeather) was 100 degrees, as in one hundred. There is no way the detailed schedule will be posted today, but my source indicates it will be posted no later than tomorrow (July 13). evening. My original thought: They're afraid of the heat and want to get closer to the meet (July 23-26) to see what the weather is likely to be like. If it looks really bad they will go to morning and night. At least, that was my first thought.

    My confidential source indicated another reason: The people who make up the schedule have been busy doing something else the last few days. When they finally get the time they will produce a schedule ... So, it looks like we will have the same basic schedule as Winston-Salem outdoors in 2014, with no night racing. I will get back to you on this Monday evening about 9:00.


  4. Bill, you will run your 400 final at 4:35 PM or so (have to make some adjustments when looking at the schedule, because multiple races are given the same time). You will run your 200 final at 10:20 AM or so. Both Thursday and Friday have some night racing, but you did not luck out.