Tuesday, July 14, 2015

event run

Normally a day off from the track, I felt ok today and go out for a brief event run.  I think I need more event pacing, and going out to blast a 400m at race pace on an off track day is a good idea, as I have run so few 400m races this yr.   Also, the need for heat acclimatization.  I went out at 3:30 pm to the KCD track.  It really felt better than yesterday even though it was warmer, much less humid. Temperature was a sunny and breezy 93º with a dew point of about 67º,  heat index around 96º.
Saucony trainers on 
500m warmup, stretches, drills 
400m event run - 56.75  (26.75/30) 
3 min rest 
2 x 100m with 2 min rest - 13.5, 13.5
I was slow on the opening 200m, caught a gusty headwind on the backstretch.  Felt ok, no rigging but not especially fast.   To complete the burn, I did 2 more 100s at near full effort with limited rest.

As suggested by coach Page, I'm hanging out outside as I write this in the 92º weather, and with a breeze, it feels just fine.  The difference in dewpoint of 5º makes a huge difference in comfort and oxygen intake.   I hope Dad will do the same and spend some time outdoors if he hopes to survive the bleachers in Jacksonville.  

Tonight I do weights.

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