Monday, June 1, 2015

most competitive Masters World Championships ever?

The registration for entry in the World Masters Athletics World Championships in Lyon, France is closing tonight.

Comparing the number of entries with that of the 2013 WMA Championships in Brazil is pretty stunning.   In the M55 category, there are at least 75 entered in the 400m, and 80 in the 200m ... representing about 30 different countries.   In Brazil, there were 24 in the 200m and 26 in the 400m in this age group.

Lyon is triple the size of the previous WMA Championship.   This means probably faster preliminary heats, because 2/3 will be eliminated after the first round.

There look to be a core group of about 10 in each event that look competitive.  I mean around 25.10 and under for the 200m and under 56.00 for the 400m.  By comparison, in Brazil, there were 2 guys over 57 sec on the medal stand in the M55 400m.   Doubt that will be the case again.

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