Saturday, June 13, 2015

fast and strong

Finally, speed.   This workout felt great.   Everything in spikes at 90%+.   Beautiful evening at the Sewanee track, 75º at sunset, calm wind.
Saucony Triumph trainers on 
600m warmup, stretches, drills 
Saucony showdown spikes on 
500m - 75 (59/16) 
6 x 40m from blocks on the 200m start  
2 x 100m from blocks on the 200m start - 12.8, 12.8 
200m from blocks on the 200m start - 25.5
I started with a ball buster 500m, fast.  An even split 400m in 59 followed by a 16 sec 100.   I wanted to be fully warm before I jumped into the blocks.

The starts felt just great.... like I could be running the 100 again.  But since I'm not, no point in doing starts anywhere except on the turn, from the 200 or 400m start line.  I alternated between lanes 4, 5, and 6.   After several full speed starts, I ran a couple 100s on the turn in just under 13 sec. from blocks with my 200m race plan in mind.   My problem is that I sometimes have this illusion that I can run a 200m race at 100% the whole way, just because I also run the 400.  So, the second half of the turn needs to be executed with some restraint so I don't rig up toward the end.  I sure felt powerful coming off the turn both times, with no fatigue at all.

Then I finished the workout with a fast 200m, working on form, relaxation and my end game.  I always find it interesting that I feel no aerobic fatigue from a fast 200m, until after I cross the finish ... then I start breathing hard.  Running under 26 at the end of a workout and not at 100% makes me think I could just have a shot at Jim Mathis's TN State record on 6/21 which was dubiously recorded as a hand timed "25" in 1993. (.... not 25.00, simply 25).   The wind will have to cooperate.  Seems like I'm always running into the wind at that shitty black HS track every year for this meet.   I ran 25.29 last week after an exhausting 400, and last year, my worst 200 of the season at 25.71 was on this track, so I know I'm much faster this year and I think I have a shot at it.   Jim Mathis is legendary as a world champion in Masters track and as a coach.  He passed away a few yrs ago.   I always thought his M55 records would be untouchable, but I've run under 25 twice this yr. so we'll see.  Like Mathis's 200m record, his M55 400m record from 1993 is simply recorded as a hand timed "55".  I've not run under 55 this year, but very close: 55.11.    Then again, this is just Sr. Olympics, no competition for me at the state level, ever.  As Paul put it... most Masters elites don't mess with the National Sr. Olympics.   He said, "it's the Minor Leagues".  Then again, there is nothing "minor league" about Jim Mathis and his M55 records - which he set at age 59.

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