Thursday, June 4, 2015

Event runs

Spiked up today for some event runs from blocks.  A nice warm evening in the mid 70ºs at MTSU with a small breeze.  Played it cautious, long warm up before I let it fly...
Saucony triumph trainers on 
600m warmup, stretches, drills 
2 x 50m striders on grass 
Saucony showdown spikes on 
2 x 50m accelerations up to full speed 
2 x 40m from blocks from the 400m start 
300m event run from blocks, lane 5, 400m start - 39.75 (curve-straight-curve)  
200m from blocks - 25.75 / 1 min rest - 100m - 14 sec 
2 x 50m full power starts from blocks from the 400m start
It reminded me of 'that feeling' at the 300m mark of the 400m.  This was at race pace, full effort.   I think I may have a chance to break 56 my first time out this season in the 400m if I run it correctly and don't go out too fast. This 300m event run, my splits were 25.75/14 ... and the straight was into a slight headwind.   If I could bring it home in less than 16, it would be sub 56.  I was definitely feelin' it at 300m so fatigue would be a factor.  I think I can improve on my present condition with more speed work.   I should be ok to run the 200m but I'll decide on Sat.  If I do, I may take it a bit cautious.  Don't want anything to happen at this stage of the game.    I think my best shot at a 400m PR would be to turn splits of 26/28.75 or something like that.  25.75/29 would do it too.  I really shouldn't expect too much in this first race.

Feel pretty good, sore ankle, but that is all.  Have been very light lately... 142.5 after workout.   About a lb lighter than when I ran my PRs in Jan and March.

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