Saturday, June 20, 2015

not racing this weekend

Have made the decision not to race this weekend.   No point.   I could do it, but it nothing to gain.  Sr. Olympics are the 'minor leagues' ... and I'll go after Jim Mathis's TN records next yr.  So instead, I'll bust my but in the weight room and do some flexibility exercises.  My guess is that there will be no one under 27sec in the 200m in my age group, and I would be shooting for 25.

The TN State Finals are run in bad conditions.   A bad black high school track that is south facing, right into the prevailing winds this time of yr.   Right now the remnants of tropical storm Bill (yes, really) are passing to the north of here kicking up strong winds.   It would be stupid to even try to break a record in these conditions on that track.

Should be back on the track in a few days.

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