Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Speed endurance ladder

Warm and humid on the Dean Hayes track tonight, 76º with a dewpoint of 70º, steamy after a rain, but mostly clear and beautiful.   Did a speed endurance ladder, everything 80-90%.   Happy to say, felt no sign of my previous injury.   Just a usual bit of ankle soreness, (from my refusal to train running the opposite way around the track).
Saucony Triumph trainers on 
600m warmup, stretches, drills 
600m - 1:45 
500m - 83 
400m - 62 
300m - 43 
200m - 28
The 300m felt pretty strong.  Took ample rest in between.  A good 2000m workout.  I think I'm ready soon to get the spikes on and start picking up the tempo and do some short work, blocks, turn work, event runs.

I should have entered the Sr. Olympics Nationals in early Jul., might've won.  So, I may do the Indiana USATF Assoc. meet on July 11 instead, my first official M55 meet.    

About 143.5 lbs after workout.   I think I could be a tad lighter.

In the glow of the setting sun ... of my life.  

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