Monday, May 4, 2015

Gatlin - super human 200m split??

The handoff fiasco that cost the USA a win in the 4x200m at the World Relays yielded another story that could be truly amazing.  After dropping the baton (and already DQ'd), USA anchor Justin Gatlin got the baton in last place.   Watch the video, as I have several times.  Look at the video timeline - (not the race clock since it stops with the winner).  He receives the handoff at about 1:47.5 on the video timeline, he finishes at about 2:04.75 - a 200m split of about 17-18 seconds!  Truly amazing.   To get the baton in last place and come back to third in a field of world class anchor legs, well... it looks superhuman to me.  I compared the youtube video clock with the race clock and there seems to be no time distortion.  The commentators said the same thing, they'd really like to know what split he ran.   Either Gatlin misinterpreted the track markings and received the stick after the zone, or he ran a superhuman 200m split.  Here's the video, judge for yourself.

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