Saturday, May 2, 2015

Meet report - Nashville Masters Classic

Doc said don't race unless it's really important to you.  Coach Page said skip it.   I almost didn't go, but was it important?  Considering it was me who bitched to USATF that our local assoc. was not including masters; considering this meet was our TN USATF masters meet; considering it was 30min from my house; and considering I hadn't been on the track since Tues and was feeling ok... I went.

My first 'official' 800m race, and not an especially strong effort, but a decent training run:


My splits were something like 66/74.    There were just 3 of us in this last event of the day.  'Iron Man' Dave and Ted had already run the 400m and the 1500m earlier in the day.   Ted T. is a national class M40 guy 1500/800.   Dave, a many time M60 National Champion.   Ted stayed on my tail until 500m then blew by me like I was walking.  He ran 67/61 negative splits finishing way ahead in 2:08.   The first 400 felt easy and by the time I hit the last straight, I felt like sprinting to the finish but I held back a bit because of the injury.   Felt tired but no rigging, no acute exhaustion or heaving.   I hate this race but I think if I took it seriously and trained for it, I could shave several seconds off the time I posted today.

I could feel the injury slightly in warmups and almost bailed, but it felt better by race time and never bothered me during the race.

I was happy to be out there supporting this event and delighted to see such a good turnout, about 50 competitors.  Sorry I couldn't sprint.  There WAS competition in the 200m.   A younger masters guy ran 24.74 in the 200m, and a world class M60 guy ran a stunning 12.08 100m.

I'm glad I did it and now, I'm going to take a cue from '11 when I had that pubalgia injury and not run as much.

I do feel like I'm in decent shape and stunningly light.   My post meet weight was 141.8.   Lightest I've been in probably over a year.

Back to the weight room.

...but first, World Relays from the Bahamas tonight and Sunday!!!

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