Sunday, March 1, 2015

reverse 200s on a messy track

Sewanee's track today was a mess.  It seems that they plowed snow off the artificial turf with and left piles of dirty snow mixed with black rubber particles for a weekend lacrosse tournament.  I had to remove lacrosse nets and even shovel a path through a snow pile.  At least it wasn't frigid, about 45º in occasional drizzle and fog.

Noticing that most of my joint issues are usually on my right side, I did my workout running the opposite way on the track.  I ran sometimes in lane 1, sometimes in 2 depending on the snow piles and debris.  It was my first interval session running completely in reverse direction, and it felt fine, although quite strange.  I really should do this more.

I took the 200s a bit easy and felt good afterward and ran some 90% 100s.
Saucony Ride trainers on 
600m warmup, snow shoveling, equipment removal, stretches, drills 
4 x 200m and 100m w/ 1 minute rest - 30, 30.5, 30.5, 30.5, 15.5 
2 x 100m  - 13.5, 13
This nasty condition of the track is as much due to the artificial turf as the weather and the decision to plow snow off the field.  That nasty toxic black rubber needs to be blown off that surface.

Looks like another week of bad weather: rain Tues, changing to snow Wed. night, frigid cold on Thurs.   I might be back on the track Friday.  It looks like another major winter storm for TN this week.  I'll probably do weights Monday night.  I'm reasonably healthy and a bit lighter.  

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