Saturday, February 28, 2015

55m fun

Another 55m race at Sewanee, another PR:  7.25

I did not run this race last year, and only ran it 3 times in '12.  My best before this year was 7.32 in 2012.  In 2011, 7.43 was my best.  My first masters track meet 6 yrs ago in '09 I ran 7.59.  So, I think I've gotten faster since that '12 season when I won Indoor Nationals.

The race was ok.  I had decent reaction time, but I drifted right coming out of the blocks in my 4th or 5th step and lost some time correcting with a lateral step.   My very weird bunch starting position yielded a quick first step.  I think I got my first step down first.

I'm registered to race the 100/200 on 3/13 in Tampa. Looking forward to it. In the meantime, hope to be back on the track tomorrow. Supposed to be mid 40s and rainy. Weights on Monday night. Saw Marcus at the meet, he was watching his daughter race. We were going to train after the meet but there was a lacrosse game and still snow on the track. Maybe tomorrow will be better.

1st first step


  1. Watched the 'slo mo' many times and conclude that your reaction time is 'outstanding' .....especially considering you're older than many of these runner's partents!

  2. the guy in lane 3 won the meet. we had our hands off the ground and were in motion before movement in lanes 4,5,6.