Saturday, March 28, 2015


The 2 day Vanderbilt Black and Gold meet will probably be a turning point in my season.   Having apparently popped a hip flexor running the 100m on Sat., it will likely end my aspirations of running this event at Nationals and Worlds, and for the rest of the season.

Hard to know if this is a serious injury or not since I've never felt anything like it... ever.   In this Sat. meet, I got a good start and was running a really good 100m ... even with a pack of guys who typically run mid 11s when about 60m in, I felt a weird pop or grind deep in the front of my left hip, it was unlike anything I'd felt before.  So I pulled up.   Conditions were cold but it was 48º with bright sunshine and I was feeling great.  I was light 143.8 lbs, warmed up, felt ready.   I had run in terrible conditions on Friday, 42º windy and light rain... an OK but slow 200m, which I did without any soreness or strains whatsoever.  As I sit and ice it now, it is becoming more painful as time passes but feels better when I walk around.   It wasn't really painful at first, I probably could have even finished the race if I wanted to.  Right now the pain seems deep, like to the bone. Time will tell on this.  This ends a string of five 100s, and four 55/60s run since last season without incident or injury.   Disappointing.  I thought I was finished with the '100m jinx' that bit me in the NC June '12 race that resulted in a serious ham injury.  I'm inclined to think this is NOT a major muscle tear but a tendon / ligament issue, so I may be back fairly soon.

200m - 25.25
Terrible conditions, cold and rainy.  I went out hard and tied up in the last 30m.   My first 100m was quite good, just spent too much early, like I was running a 100m.   At least I beat one guy in my heat but so what, not a good performance, but at least totally injury free.

Friday conditions

100m - DNF
I felt really great and really think it would have been a decent time without the injury because we had a slight tail wind.  Oh well.

I wasn't the only one who was disappointed... Trell Kimmons, 2012 Olympic Silver Medalist (US 4x100 relay) drove 3 1/2 hours from MS to run this race and he false started.  DQ.  I was really looking forward to seeing him race.  What a specimen, very muscular but fairly small... about 5'8".   I chatted with him briefly before his race... asked him the standard question, "Do you think you'll be doing this when you're my age?"  He reply, "well, I don't know."  He asked me my age and I told him.  I told him it was really great to see him here and he replied, "yes sir!"  He told me afterward that he had driven a long way to run this race, for nothing.   Some people shouted as the red card came out, "let him run!"   Randall, the starter announced "NCAA Rules."  Trell walked off.

Despite the injury, I still love this sport, loved being there, loved participating.

I'll be back.  So will Trell.

Trell Kimmons and I - happy before our race, not so happy afterward

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