Thursday, March 5, 2015

indoor 200s

This evening I went to the indoor track at the Murphy Center at MTSU to remind myself how out of shape I am.  Running in the dry heated air made me feel a little ill.  It was weird, it being 15º outside and feeling too hot and running shirtless inside.  First time on the track since Sunday and it felt like it.
Saucony Ride trainers on
600m warm up 
5 x ~200m - 30 - 32
I wasn't sure exactly how far I was running but it was about 200 -220m.  I ran in reverse direction again.   I rested in between and felt pretty tired after each one.  It reminds me that in order to run a decent 400m, I have to be on the track every other day and working hard.  It'll be months before I'm ready to turn a decent 400m again, but as far as my strength and wellness situation, I'm ok and should be good to go for this month's two 100/200m doubles.  This weekend looks good for weather.  I should be in the weight room for a glute buster and on the track Sat or Sun.

One good thing is that my weight is under control.  144.6 after workout.

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