Monday, June 16, 2014

Racing old men

The Bluegrass Games 100m M50 record.   Lucky it was as fast as it was ...considering a bad start, injury, and my lack of flexibility.  12.36

Should not have been in this slow heat, although there was one guy my age in there.  (4 of the 5 were M65 senior citizens, no "Charles Allies" here.  And, it's not funny).  There was one guy in his 30s who was slightly faster in another heat, I should have run with him.

You can see how the starter 'quick started' us... if you look carefully, I wipe my hands off and get on my mark, then... I get 'set' for a very short moment before the gun goes off.

This is a photo with Sonny Collins, who holds most of the Masters KY state sprint records - (but not M50).   He was out this meet with an injury and he looks great for 63.   He ran 11.11 100m at age 40, and his M55 100m record 12.22 is lower than my M50 record 12.36.  However, my M50 200m is slightly lower than his M55 record (25.25 vs 25.62).   I told him, "I'll be comin' for your records next yr."    He said, "break 'em... you're the first guy I've seen come along that has a chance."

The KY records book has been updated...  looks like I'm the only one to have broken more than one record last Saturday,

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