Wednesday, June 11, 2014

end game

End game for the season isn't what I had hoped with this injury issue, even though it's minor, it may keep me from a 100% peak performance.  Both quads were sore today so I'm just icing and resting today.   In fact, I don't expect to do any significant track work this week.   Just some light stretching, and resistance.

I underestimated the stress that Thurs evening meet put on me.   If I had to do it again, I would have rested 2-3 days and returned to the track slowly, instead of working out all weekend.   Now I have to rest 3 days before my Saturday race and hope for the best.  I'll just tape and go on Saturday.   I want that 100m record because it's easily had (12.56) and it's 29 yrs old (1985).

I think I'll be good to go by Saturday.   .

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