Tuesday, April 29, 2014

stormy stairs

It seems that I strained a quad in the race Sat. but it's minor, almost indiscernible now.  So, Monday... in between storms, I ran the stadium stairs and did some prehab resistance.  The stairs didn't cause a lot of soreness as compared to last time.
jog, dynamic stretches
20 x stadium stairs sprints
I'm planning track workouts on Tues and Thurs, probably split intervals Tues.  Then a light workout Friday.

I'm a little concerned that the 'Nashville Masters Classic' will be cancelled ... there are just 9 people registered for the meet - more scheduled events than people, and it's on a poor quality track.   Wondering if I should plan on going back to Louisville and race in Indy in a college meet instead?
That's a lot of driving.   Probably could take a weekend off, but not many more chances to race this season.

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