Saturday, April 5, 2014

Centre College Invite meet report


Not bad, but I strained it coming out of the blocks in the 400m.   It hurt before the race, ever since the Vandy 200m.   Felt similar to what I had for months on my right side, but this was worse.  A definite strain.  A cramp-like feeling as I rounded the first turn, I made the decision to keep going and finish the race, probably not a good idea but it seemed to improve as the race progressed, although my stride was shortened.  It hurt afterward.  First injury ever in a 400m.   I had to scratch the 200m.   It was a shame too... a good track and a tail wind.  A lost opportunity.   Good conditions but cold... about 47º.

It was bad... 57.33.   Even at that slow, I managed to beat a straggler.
Start of the 400m

Finish of the 400m ... beating a straggler

It was generally a bitch of a weekend... driving 222 miles, only to get cited with a $154 ticket for rolling through a stop sign - just 2 miles from my destination.  Cop was a prick, trying to justify his existence by screwing people.  I did nothing unsafe.  That played on my mind a lot and I tried to get past it, but I was pissed.  Didn't sleep well.  My cold is pretty much gone except for a runny nose and sneezing.  

Where do I go from here?  I'll probably skip TSU next weekend and go back to doing 800s and endurance foundation with prehab resistance work.   I should probably wrap my thighs before racing.  It worked wonderfully for my upper quad issue that has now gone away entirely.  It could have been worse.  I still think I should be ready for the Sewanee Twilight meet on the 18th.   

Carry on.


  1. Bill, that was quite a weekend. All things considered, I think your time was pretty good. That "straggler" you beat looks to be quite something. He appears to be wearing a thing on his head that might be used in a science fiction movie; is that your impression? And I notice a bearded guy in the infield wearing an orange skirt; now that's something you see only once every 5 years or so.

    Assume you are still intent on skipping Winston-Salem (2014) but going to Jacksonville (2015). Looks like USATF-Florida, not Univ of North Florida, will be running the meet.

    I sent an inquiry to USATF-Florida about 3 things:

    1. Split session (morning-evening) or go straight through as we normally do?
    2. Dorm rooms available?
    3. Preference for announcer(s).

    Anything you want me to add in case they get back to me?

    Peter L. Taylor

  2. Yes, FL is a heck of place to have a July meet. It would be good to do it under lights at night and early in the AM. Not happy about the location, could be really tough for the older athletes, but it's close to my parents house. U of N FL has Mondo track, but I'd vote for Eugene, OR. That would be nice. You know everyone's preference for announcer (you)!