Friday, April 25, 2014

Schedule update

Two new meets have emerged that will involve less travel.   Both, unfortunately are at high schools, not really good tracks, but both are FAT timed.

Nashville USATF has put together a Masters Meet on 5/02. I think they may have done it as a response for not having a masters category in their TN Association Meet - which I think is technically required by USATF.   It's going to be a real small affair, just a week away and only a few have registered.  These local masters meets are essentially a solo time trial.    I will do this instead of driving to IN for the Butler meet.   It will save me a lot of miles.  The track at Hunters Lane looks rather poor, a 6 lane black track.  

Lee University is holding a meet on 5/10 at Walker Valley H.S.  Kind of sad a university has to hold a home meet at a local high school.  The track is at least an 8 lane red track, but it looks rough and faded.  It's being billed as a "Twilight Last Chance Meet."  It's only an hour from Sewanee.

The last in my college schedule looks like it may be the U of Louisville meet on 5/16... if I can get in.  That will be my last chance to race on a decent track.

Kind of crazy this season has been.  If I do these meets, I will have raced 6 consecutive weekends, 9 of the last 10.

Thinking about scratching the 400m tomorrow and just running the 200m.   Don't want to run a lane one 400m.   Also, looking back at the April '12 week where I set a PR.   I was training everyday, including light workouts on pre race days.  So, having a little time to kill, I went out and did an 800m on the street.  2:32, not full effort but enough to make me sweat.

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