Thursday, March 28, 2013

quick row

In Sewanee mid week for a concert, had just enough time afterward to put in a brief intense workout. I was the last person to leave the Fowler center at 11pm.

Did an all out 500m row followed by a short rest and a 2000m.
Concept 2 rower 
500m - 1:39  44/spm 
3 min rest 
2000m - 8:44
I used the 2000m as a cool down and my heart rate decreased as I got into it.  The 500m was intense, I felt the burning lungs and fatigue that I would being out of shape with a fast long sprint.  I had a hard time staying on the seat, I was pumping fast.

I did a fair amount of running to my car after the concert in hiking boots on grass as practical transportation to beat the crowd.  So.... I have confidence that I'll be running on grass and stairs in about 3 weeks.  I hope to be on the track by May.  I'm going to reschedule the next Xray/Dr. appt to sometime around April 19 - the 16 week post injury mark.

As I get back into running, I need to lose a bit of weight and I expect a lot of aches and pains til I get into it again.   I've been hovering around 148 lbs.


  1. if you liked that, try two sets and develop aerobic while developing anaerobic. Work on lowering the time between the sprint and the pace..

  2. impressive improvement. 20 spots or are now world wide ranked 35 out of 157.

  3. Hope to never row again soon.