Friday, March 22, 2013

Dethroned and more rowing

Today, my reign as M50 Indoor National 400m champion came to an end, but I was surprised to see my last year's winning time (55.90) would have medaled at this year's event.  Even more surprising, it was faster than World Champion M. Sullivan ran today (56.40).

My foot is feeling better, I think I'm about 4 weeks out from a return to the track.  That would be 16 weeks since the injury - April 19.  I'm thinking about movng my apointment on April 9 back to near that 16 week mark.   It's going to be a long painful road back... October all over again ... 800s, 600s, foundation work.  Going to have to buy some new trainers.  Thinking about the Saucony Virrata.

Tonight, I took a different approach to the Concept 2 ... 500m sprints.  They were comperable to running fast 600s.  Totally exhausting, moreso than a 2000m and closer to the interval training I do on the track.

Dynamic stretches 
Concept 2 rower 
3 x 500m - 1:44, 1:47, 1:49  (43/42/42 spm)  3-5 min rest 
Stairmaster - 15 min hill program level 13

The rowing sprints left me very whipped.

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  1. relative to the world wide, 50-59, lightweight population you are a little better at the sprint than the middle distance

    your 2K ranking is 169/268
    your 500m ranking is 55/109

    it looks like aerobic capacity is a weakness, but not a limiter as other physical attributes overcome it and allow a fast 400 meter in track. however if you could improve your aerobic capacity your 400 times should benefit.

    however all out intervals with long rest is not the best way to improve it. you are relying on anaerobic power as a larger portion of your energy recruitment; the long rests allow nearly complete recovery, so aerobic systems don't develop as well. (don't confuse being completely winded with aerobic development - anaerobic work creates oxygen debt and replacement of anaerobic stores during rest require lots of O2 - that is a different mechanism than efficiently utilizing O2 WHILE doing work)

    there is a custom workout feature on the concept II where you can set work and rest intervals. you'll get better aerobic development if you use that feature and keep rowing, but at a reduced pace, during the recovery period. based on your 2K suggest 500m recovery row pace of 2:10ish and a 250m work pace of 1:52ish, for 6 to 8 repeats.

    (how to find your recovery pace: find the rowing speed that, after 10 minutes of constant rowing, your HR is ~ 80% of the level of your 2K time trial level. I'm guessing that would be 2:10 for you)