Monday, March 11, 2013

Monday workout and Dr. comments

Today, I did cardio again at the mostly deserted Sewanee Fowler Center - rowing and Stairmaster.  I spent a good amount of time stretching.
short jog warm up, dynamic and static stretches 
Concept 2 rower  
2000m - 8:06   /  34 spm 
20min - Stairmaster hill program, level 11 of 20
It was a really good sweat.  The rowing was exhausting but no PR.

My appointment Friday with Dr. Willers went as expected.   He had a pretty young intern who seemed to keep him smiling, especially noting my continuous questions about "when"... "how long" .. "what about stairs?"   I said I was getting frustrated and was gaining weight, he smiled as said, "yeah, you're huge."  His intern laughed.

He said "you're not ready to run a 400m ... there has been some healing, and we knew it was going to take a long time when we decided not to go the surgical route.  You'll continue to heal if you behave yourself.   No running, only exercises that keep your foot in contact with a surface. See me again in 4 weeks."

I don't think I've behaved myself completely.  Doing a lot of things on my feet.  I feel that this breaks a little everyday and heals a little every night.  Eventually, it will heal.

Dr. Matt, a Sewanee friend (who looked at the xrays today) says it looks like good bone is being layed in and will certainly be healed in 8 weeks, and that is a little overkill.  He said that if I wait 8 weeks, I should be done with it once and for all.  He said I don't want to create a chronic injury that will involve surgery to remove necrotic bone.

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