Thursday, February 9, 2012

Workout thwarted

I should have gone to the track this afternoon to do a last light workout before the Sat. meet, but instead I went to the indoor track tonight after the basketball game. No dice. The track was occupied by tables and bleachers. I ran a little anyway, but no meaningful workout. Didn't even go through my stretches.

Jogged 2 laps around the outside of the track and then ran 2 laps - about 700m in 2:12 in a sprint jog. Barely enough to sweat.

It's been kind of a poor week for workouts. I didn't realize til yesterday that I wasn't going to run the 55m. Since the TSU meet, I spent 3 days off recovering from the groin. Some decent strength work, but lacking in good speed work. In my first MTSU meet, I felt so 'beat up' by this hard track, I'm a little gun shy. Not real confident. I need to remember to run my race and not take off after the guys who are going to run 48 - 49s ... if I do, I'll surely rig up in the end. I will not do a lot of long sprint training on this indoor track in spikes. Sprinting those corners are just too hard on the knees. Training shoes, ok.

Maybe tomorrow I'll run a little on the street, maybe a 600 or something. The 400m race isn't until 6pm Sat.

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