Monday, February 20, 2012

400m event run and 200s

What a difference a day makes ... compare this photo to yesterday. It was brilliantly sunny and upper 40sº at Sewanee's Coughlan Track this morning. I did my second consecutive day of track workouts.

I started with a 400m event run with the goal of running even 15 sec 100m splits making an even 60 sec 400. I nailed every split and ran the last 100m hard and finished slightly ahead of goal - 59.5 - a negative split! I could have run a faster 400, but I wanted to save a little for more running. After 5-6 min rest, I did a brief tempo workout of 4 x 200.

Running even 15 sec splits in a 400m is like increasing the effort every 100m to maintain speed .... 80% - 85% - 90% - 95% or something like that. Also, I used my old Adidas Demolisher spikes instead of the Asics Japan Lite-nings I used yesterday. The Asics fit so tight that after running an 800 and 2 x 400 yesterday, my big toe nail felt bruised. They are great light race shoes, but really uncomfortable for training. The Adidas felt 'plush' in comparison.

800 warm up, stretches, drills

2 x 60m striders

Adidas spikes on

400m event run - 59.5 (30, 29.5)

5-6 min rest

4 x 200 - 29, 30, 30.5, 32
(rest intervals 2, 2, 3)
Doesn't look like a very difficult workout but my thighs definitely felt pumped. Anything after a 59 sec 400 will feel hard.

Looking at the Clyde Hart 400m regime, the important things for this time of year - early season - approaching mid season, are:

1) tempo endurance - 100% priority through mid season
2) event runs - increase to 100% priority in mid season
3) speed endurance - increase to 100% priority in mid season
4) strength (resistance) - 100% throughout the season

I wonder if more (daily) but lighter workouts like today would yeild a better result?


  1. I wonder if more (daily) but lighter workouts like today would yeild a better result?

    I think YES!!

  2. I usually do something everyday. When it's not running, it's resistance. Bill Collins recommends 2 days a week off and 3 running days a week for masters. Oscar Peyton same thing but he does resistance work almost every day, especially calf raises.